The New Changes That Windows 11 Poses In The Widgets And Its Taskbar


Windows 11 users are still waiting for the arrival of improvements for the operating system. The Redmond firm is working on a way to fix all the bugs it finds, not to mention all the improvements that the firm is including in the operating system. But there are still things to work on in places like the new widgets or even the taskbar for your tablet app.

Windows 11 improves its optimization on tablets

Microsoft continues to work on Windows 11 in order to improve all the possibilities of the operating system. At the moment, there are many improvements that the operating system brings with its latest update. There are more and more mobile devices that have the Microsoft operating system and the company, now more than ever, has to optimize its system.

The fact is that these improvements will aim to offer a more versatile system when working with a screen in horizontal and vertical format. One of these changes is the new taskbar behavior. With the new feature this part of the system will be reduced when you don’t use it and the moment you pass over it you will have the opportunity to see the bigger icons to press them.

The reason is functionality, since while it is inactive the screen design will be much cleaner, but it will make things easier for you when you have to select an app.