The new Battlefield game will be ‘huge’


Electronic Arts (EA) has confirmed in its cost report that the next Battlefield game will be released in 2021. EA CEO Andrew Wilson said he thinks the game will be the biggest Battlefield game they have ever made. In addition, the game will pioneer EA’s next generation games. For now, it is not known in what kind of universe the game called Battlefield 6 will take place.

Battlefield 6 will be the biggest game of the series

Speaking about Electronic Arts’ financial reports for Q2 2021, Wilson said, “DICE has rolled up its sleeves to create a Battlefield game on a scale we’ve never seen before. Also, the technical advances of the next generation consoles allow the team to present a true vision for the franchise. ” He used his expressions.

Battlefield 6 'devasa' bir oyun olacak

Wilson also confirmed that tests have been carried out for the additional package, which is yet to be named, following Battlefield 5 released in 2018. Giving information about the company’s other projects, the CEO stated that 6 new games will be released for the next generation consoles, and all of them will meet with game lovers between October 2021 and October 2022. It is estimated that one of these games will be a new Need for Speed ​​game developed by Criterion.

While it is unknown in what kind of universe the new Battlefield game will take place, it is predicted that the recent increase in the Cold War theme will take us to the days when the struggles between the USA and the USSR are at an extreme.

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