The new alien name for xenomorphs has a Terrifying Hidden Meaning


Warning! This article contains spoilers for Alien Annual #1.

The name “Xenomorph”, when it was used to describe the monstrous creature in the Alien franchise, has always been surrounded by a terrifying mystery, given that the word “Xenomorph” basically means just “alien”, but now the new name for the Xenomorph is even more terrible, as it better emphasizes the superior role of the species in space.

Alien fans first met the Xenomorph in the film “Alien” directed by Ridley Scott, but the name “Xenomorph” was not actually invented until the sequel to the film “Aliens” directed by James Cameron. In “Aliens”, a team of colonial Marines is preparing to eradicate a “bug infestation” in the human settlement of Nadezhda Hadley. Since the “bugs” (animalistic/lower alien life forms) were unknown to everyone except Ripley, they were called xenomorphs, which was just a substitute title until they learned more about the mysterious species. However, the name stuck, and to this day the aliens in “Alien” are known as xenomorphs, that is, until very recently.

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In Alien Annual #1 by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroque, members of the board of directors of Weyland-Yutani discuss a plan of retaliation against a gang of organized rebels who managed to seize one of the company’s bases in protest against the company’s immoral experiments and its indifferent nature. in relation to human life. Unfortunately for the extremist group known as the Second Hand, the station they captured did not matter much to Weyland-Yutani, and the company actually took advantage of this situation as an opportunity to release the biological weapons they had worked so hard to create. he is going to attack these “terrorists” with all the power of his xenomorphs. However, in this issue, the board members did not call their alien creature a “Xenomorph”, instead they called it something much more frightening: an Organism.

At first glance, “Organism” doesn’t sound like a very scary name for something as monstrous as a Xenomorph, but if you look at the deeper meaning of this name, it becomes clear how terrible this name really is. Referring to a Xenomorph as an “Organism” indicates the superiority of a being as a form of life, especially when it is read as an “Organism”, the name most appropriate for its status as the pinnacle of evolution, the apex of the food chain, the perfect organism. Xenomorphs are considered the greatest species not only because of their mastery of space predators, but also because their biological material allows them to adapt to any environment, which makes them the most versatile living creatures in existence. Just as Sherlock Holmes calls Irene Adler a “woman,” because in the eyes of the Great Detective Adler “eclipses and dominates her entire sex,” the xenomorph surpasses any other living being in space, and this nickname “Organism” makes this moment terrifyingly clear.

Interestingly, although “Organism” is the new name of the xenomorph, the name is actually associated with the very first appearance of the creature in “Alien”. Ash, a synthetic programmed to bring back the xenomorph regardless of the well-being of the Nostromo team, called the alien an ideal organism when the team first encountered him. Now the word “ideal” from the original nickname of the creature has become superfluous, since the Alien’s new name for the Xenomorph perfectly reflects its status as the highest form of life.


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