The never-ending legend: 5 reasons to play PES 2013 in 2021!


Since its release, PES 2013 game has been actively played in every internet cafe. So why is it still played in 2021?


The production, which was released in 2013 as the PES series, made a great place in the hearts of the players. The game that we kill time in internet cafes is still one of the best of Pro Evolution Soccer. Since then, it has continued on its way with various modes without losing much of its bone player base.

The competitive structure offered by the game plays an important role in making it stand out. Because the ball is usually in the midfield and the goal is not very close to the front, which increases the dose of fun a little more. It also pushes you to develop more tactics.

5 reasons to play PES 2013 in 202

Current mods

PES 2013 contains many third party mods. Graphics, jerseys, staff and many more options are included. Among them, there are various modes such as league and formation adapted to 2021. These keep the game up-to-date and add today’s transfers to the game ready-made. This prevents Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 from getting obsolete.

System requirements

Current games of the PES series have slightly higher system requirements than Konami’s football game in 2013. For this reason, it is quite possible that the PC hardware in the hands of the players will be insufficient. For this reason, it is very important for fans to be able to run PES 2013 on their old computers.

game modes

PES 2013 includes very interesting modes such as Master League and Become a Legend. At that time, it attracted a lot of attention with the features it offered. Especially after that transfer in the Main League or before the match, the animations were quite connecting the player to the game. Player career animations were also more numerous than current Pro Evolution Soccer productions. This was an important factor in making the production stand out.

Inability to keep up with new games

Passing or reaching the goal front is not a very difficult path for those playing PES 2013. Therefore, this is another reason why it is preferred in 2021. If we take FIFA for example, there are times when Pro Evolution Soccer players are criticized for its more simulation-like gameplay. At this point, Konami’s popular football game comes to the fore with its more arcade structure. Especially the tactical defense option that comes with FIFA’s new games causes PES players to take the game back to the game.


The gameplay mechanics of PES 2013 were entertaining the players. The fierce battle between two friends took the action dosage to the next level. Especially the rapid change of the ball between the two teams was an element that increased the competition. This is one of the reasons why the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 game is preferred in 2021, as the new games of FIFA and PES do not create such a competition for the players.

What do you guys think about PES 2013? Do you have any interesting memories too? Do not forget to share your ideas and opinions with us in the comments section.


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