The Netherlands Carried 200 Tons Of Gold This Way


The Dutch Central Bank shipped 200 tons of gold from Amsterdam to Haarlem. More than 14,000 gold bars were transported during the shipment.

The Dutch Central Bank decided to move 200 tons of gold to Haarlem, near the city, citing the renovation works in Amsterdam. In this shipment, in which 14 thousand gold bullion and one thousand cases of coins were carried, 14.5 billion dollars of gold was carried.

Shipment made with military protection

The Dutch Central Bank received support from the army for this $ 14.5 billion gold shipment. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, affiliated to the army, shared some images of how the shipment was carried out in his post a few days ago.

The Dutch Central Bank announced that this shipment was due to the renovation works in Amsterdam. The Netherlands also announced that the final destination for these golds would be Zeist.

The digital form of gold

Bitcoin, which started to be seen as digital gold, does not recognize any physical obstacles because it is located in the electronic environment rather than physical. Users can transfer digital currencies such as Bitcoin to the other side of the world in seconds.

We saw an example of this this year in a transaction by the crypto currency exchange Bitfinex. Although Bitfinex was not as large as the gold shipment in this transaction, it made a transaction of 150 thousand Bitcoins (15 thousand of them went to a different wallet). The value of this transaction is more than $ 1.5 billion in daily exchange rates. The exchange only paid a transaction fee of 0.68 cents to make this transaction. This transaction was confirmed by the company’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino.

Compared to gold Bitcoin, it has serious restrictions on portability and storability. Despite this, 9 trillion dollars of gold; Bitcoin has a market of 200 billion dollars. However, names like Tyler Winklevoss are giving the message that Bitcoin could one day have a market as big as gold.


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