The Netflix Trailer For “The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” Talks About The Return of The Franchise’s Vet, Featuring More of Michelle Yeoh and Her Cool Cohorts


“The Witcher: The Origin of Blood” is one of the most anticipated events in the TV schedule of 2022. The play, which is a prequel to the flagship series starring Henry Cavill, is designed to further expand the mythical world created by Andrzej Sapkowski. Fans were eagerly awaiting details about the spin-off of the prequel series, and a few weeks after the release of the teaser, the first official trailer appeared. And not only does it show more Scian Michelle Yeoh and her cool cohorts, but it also shows that a character from the parent series is returning.

The trailer shows its share of actions, many of which will surely please fans, but most of all they may care about what happens in the last few minutes. In the final scene, Seanchai, played by the incomparable Minnie Driver, approaches none other than sweet Buttercup, played by the returning Joey Batey. The narrator of the shape-shifting Driver turns to the fan-favorite character with a suggestion. She needs him to “bring the story to life,” to which the bard wonders if he is suitable for this job. It’s a quick exchange of opinions, but it should cause a lot of noise (and maybe even a few questions) among fans.

Apart from this surprise, the trailer also shows the main players well, such as the aforementioned Scian, Sofia Brown’s Éile and Laurence O’fouraine’s Fjall. As in the analog for the small screen, Blood Origin demonstrates excellent combat choreography, as well as several breathtaking shots. What will be especially interesting to see is the interaction between the warriors who have gathered to destroy the tyrannical empire to which they submit.

The four-part premiere of The Witcher: The Origin of Blood is scheduled for December 25, so make sure you have a Netflix subscription if you want to watch it when it comes out.


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