The name to replace Tim Cook has been determined


It was claimed that the name of Tim Cook’s replacement at Apple was certain.

It is a fact that Apple was a pioneer in many sectors in terms of innovation during the Steve Jobs period. However, Tim Cook surpassed $ 2 trillion for the first time in its period and, according to some, the most successful team in Apple history; Tim Cook and his friends.

Tim Cook, who is shown as one of the most successful bosses of the technology world, has no intention of releasing his seat, but according to the information received, some preparations are made within the company for the coming years.

An opinion has emerged within the company that determines who will replace the current management and determine their responsibilities accordingly. In this respect, the management of the next period has already begun to take shape.

Sources close to Apple state that Tim Cook will be replaced by chief operations officer Jeff Williams. Jeff Williams has led operations for many years and has played an important role in the development of many new products such as the Apple Watch. He is currently the only manager in production, supply chain and component supply. It is emphasized that Williams is the closest person to the boss.

Phil Schiller, another screen face of Apple, as it is known, left his post of vice president of global marketing and was replaced by Greg Joswiak. The 56-year-old Joswiak is expected to replace Kaiann Drance, 42, who is currently responsible for iPhone marketing.

The sympathetic name of MacOS promotions, Craig Federighi, will leave the post of vice president of software to either Sebastien Marineau-Mes responsible for smart systems or Jon Andrews, responsible for core applications.

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Eddy Cue, also veteran of Apple’s vice president of services, will hand over to Peter Stern, the senior manager in the same department. It is expected that one of the names Sabih Khan or Priya Balasubramaniam will be appointed as the chief of operations vacated by Jeff Williams.

Of course, it is not possible to give a clear date such as today or tomorrow, but we do not know what life will bring. The untimely departure of Steve Jobs, the resignation of Scott Forstall, the father of the iPhone, the departure of the father of the iPod Tony Fadell, the resignation of the legendary designer Johny Ive; was left.


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