The name of the new Call of Duty has been revealed


The Call of Duty series is getting a new game after Modern Warfare, which was released last year. According to the statement made by Activision, the new game will be “Black Ops Cold War”.

Activision pointed to the August 26th date for sharing comprehensive details about the game. However, the first promotional video released by the company gives some clues about the story of the game.

Much of the video consists of statements by Yuri Bezmenov, who fled the Soviet secret service KGB. It is stated in the trailer that the story of the game is inspired by real events. In the text flowing between the images, a Soviet agent named Perseus is mentioned.

Perseus II. He allegedly infiltrated the famous Manhattan Project during the hottest days of World War II and tried to steal the secrets about the atomic bomb. It is stated that Perseus, who was never caught, managed to reach the highest levels of the American administration.

The next game in the Call of Duty franchise is a kind of comeback for Raven Software. Raven Software, along with Treyarch, has been among the co-developers of the game for a long time. In 2010, Raven also released a play called Singularity, which tells a story from the Cold War era; Despite the positive comments the game received, it did not make the expected explosion.

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