The name of Nokia’s new phone is seen in the document


An HMD Global document leaked to the internet reveals the existence of the Nokia 10 phone, which is thought to be a follower of the Nokia 9 PureView. While it is not possible to see details about the phone in the document, it is stated that only mentioning the Nokia 10 and leaking information about the phone is strictly prohibited.

The document also contains information about HMD Global’s future plans for the Nokia brand. HMD Global’s goal of making the Nokia brand one of the top three brands in the smartphone market in the next 3 to 5 years has not changed. However, the company’s priority seems to be to keep it on good terms with Google.

Considering the investment Google and Qualcomm made in HMD Global about two months ago, it should not be surprising. Accordingly, it seems that Nokia will highlight the latest Google innovations when marketing its phones in the coming period.

HMD Global plans to define Nokia branded phones as “Pixels for each price category”. The company has long been offering a pure Android experience on its Nokia-branded phones, just like Google does.

The document, which contains information about the Nokia 10 and the future of the Nokia brand, also shows the markets HMD Global plans to focus on in the coming period. The list includes Russia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, South Africa and Mexico, as well as the USA, China and India.


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