The name of a celebrity, not MANA: he became a partner of Metaverse Coin!


The movements of Snoop Dogg’s metaverse continue. In a press release, the famous rapper said that not with famous metaverse coins such as MANA, SAND, to move digital weed farms to the metaverse; it was announced that he would work with MOBLAND.

MANA is not SAND; Partnership with MOBLAND

It is reported that the celebrity-backed “mafia-themed” metaverse will lead the first “Grow and Win” feature “through a wide range of utilities for business buildings and land.” In addition, in addition to the content from ChampMedici, NFT digital weed farms under the Snoop Dogg brand will be released. A limited collection of NFT digital farms under the Snoop Dogg brand will be presented, as well as exclusive content from the famous son of the NFT collector Cordell Broadus ChampMedici. ChampMedici used the following statements in the statement:

I’ve seen my dad play video games all my life. Marijuana and game controllers live hand in hand with it, so I think it’s quite natural to combine metaverse and digital weed.

MOBLAND has received the support of many people

The platform, supported by Twitch co-founder Justin Kahn, Do Kwon of Terra, Animoca Brands and others, will lead the virtual world’s “Grow to Earn” function with a wide range of utilities for business buildings and land. Snoop Dogg also used the following statements in a statement about this:

If it’s about flipping burgers at McDonald’s, become the world’s best burger seller. Whatever you do, you have to master your craft. I’ve been honing my craft for decades. My son demonstrated the importance of collaborating with MOBLAND to promote their first digital weed farm called NFT. There is a paradigm shift going on here, and I want to be at the forefront of this process.

Roy Liu, co-founder of MOBLAND, used the following statements in a press release:

NFT 1.0 concerns individual character and property, NFT 2.0 — land and real estate, NFT 3.0 — land and real estate, as well as business and utility. We are ready to lead the legendary Snoop Dogg by bringing digital marijuana and mass adoption to Metaverse and GameFi 2.0.