The name Knives Out 2 has been officially announced in a new teaser shared by Ryan Johnson


Those who are waiting for the return of Detective Benoit Blanc Daniel Craig may be excited, as Ryan Johnson has added another piece of the puzzle to the mystery of the sequel “Get Knives.”

The excitement around the sequel arose immediately after “Get Knives” became a hit. Although one of them was quickly announced, three years have passed since the release of the original Knives Out, and the updates have been minor. Fans know the movie belongs to Netflix and the cast has been announced, but the new teaser has finally given fans the most tangible announcement to date.

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Director Johnson tweeted a short teaser of the upcoming detective film, which included some information already released to the public and one big announcement. The title of the new film “Get knives” officially sounds like “Glass Bow: the riddle of “Get Knives“. In addition to the title of his new film, Johnson took some time to talk about what inspired him to create the “Get Knives” franchise, and about the character of Benoit Blanc: writer Agatha Christie. He praises the famous writer of detectives, paying tribute to her ability to expand the genre of detectives and erase boundaries. In addition, he talks about Christie’s ability to make each novel independent in tone and ambition, and says he would like to do the same with his stories about detective Benoit Blanc.

“Get Knives” was released in 2019, despite the fact that it was conceived by Johnson in 2005, and was very well received by both fans and critics. He received several Golden Globe nominations, as well as an Oscar nomination. The film is best known as a detective story about a wealthy family played by a stellar cast including Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette and the late Christopher Plummer. It also marked the beginning of Ana de Armas’ international career.

The trend of using a star ensemble seems to continue in the “Glass Bow”. The sequel features actors such as Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Catherine Hahn and Dave Batista, as well as other famous faces. Hardly anything else is known about the film, including the plot. Although there will be a Benoit Blanc character in The Glass Bow, it has been confirmed that it will be a completely new story, separate from Get The Knives.