The mystery of Thanos from Marvel set up the Avengers against the Eternals


Warning! Spoilers for AXE: Judgment Day #1 from Marvel Comics

The Eternals kept a huge secret from the Avengers regarding Thanos and the near destruction of the Earth, which caused the Greatest Heroes of the Earth to lose confidence in them. In AXE: Judgment Day #1 from Marvel Comics, Iron Man argues with Cersei about keeping the deadly secret of Thanos’ return and the Avengers’ near-total destruction of the planet. Frustration heats up when the hero scolds the Eternals for hiding a Doomsday-level event from him.

The Eternals became enemies of the Avengers after hiding Thanos’ return from them. The Mad Titan almost defeated an ancient race of space heroes after his body was remade after he revealed the true cost of the Eternal’s existence. Thanos will play for power, becoming the Main Eternal, having set himself the task of destroying the Machine and the Earth. However, the fuses in the Car stopped the villain during his attempts to destroy the planet before it was too late. However, despite Thanos ultimately failing to destroy Earth, the Avengers are unimpressed by his return and the fact that his actions are completely hidden from them.

In AXE: Judgment Day #1, Kieron Gillen, Valerio Skiti, Marta Gracia, and Clayton Coles from VC, the Avengers successfully capture Cersei from the Eternals and return her to their Celestial Headquarters in search of answers about Thanos and their upcoming war with the X-Men. Iron Man expresses disappointment that the Eternals are trying to infiltrate The Avengers Mountain to contact the Celestial, but admits that his trust in them collapsed after the team was informed that Thanos was on Earth, somehow became the leader of the Eternals, and the planet was minutes away from being destroyed. Cersei tries to justify keeping Thanos a secret by saying there are only things the Eternals can know, but Tony Stark doesn’t buy it.

Iron Man admits the secret, and the loss of trust in the Eternals due to Thanos led him to track down the ancient heroes, which led him to discover Celestial Energies, indicating the beginning of the war against the X-Men. However, Cersei tells the Avenger that she is not the Eternals they need to worry about, as Druig begins his attack, unleashing his deadliest powers.

The Avengers were right to be wary of the Eternals, as the ancient heroes are notorious for keeping secrets about the problems they face, including the return and reign of Thanos and the possible end of the world. However, even if the Mad Titan was a problem that only they could handle, the Eternals violated the little trust they had in Earth’s Greatest Heroes by hiding all the trials until they were dealt with. The fact that the world almost collapsed at the hands of Thanos without the knowledge of the Avengers is an unforgivable secret of the Eternals, causing further friction between them.


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