The mysterious door of Demon’s Souls (PS5) opens


Players get to know what lies behind one of the first great mysteries of the celebrated PS5 exclusive video game.

This article contains information that may be considered a spoiler.

The first Demon’s Souls mystery for PS5 has been solved. Considered by many to be the best launch game of this new generation of consoles, Bluepoint Games’ work promised fidelity to FromSoftware’s original work in 2009; but the North American study allowed certain licenses to include a door that was not in the original video game. After a week of waiting, that door is now open and we already know your reward.

Demon’s Souls: How to get the key to open the door

The architect of the feat has been the streamer Distortion2, who has unlocked what was preventing that door from level 1-3 of Boletaria from opening. As explained in IGN, the main thing is to have a new object included in the remake, the Ceramic Coin (Ceramic Coin).

Those coins are hidden in different parts of the Fractured World; both with the Trend (statistic that is divided into World and Character) Pure White and Pure Black. By collecting a total of 30 and exchanging them with Sparky the Raven, who is in the Shrine of Storms, we will receive the Rusted Key, the name given to the key in the making.

What’s behind that mysterious level 1-3 door in Boletaria?
When we open the door we will see a veranda, a balcony with a corpse on the ground, which is nothing but a set of armor and sword of the Penetrator. It’s funny because, days ago, Bluepoint Games published a tweet in which it showed precisely that balcony with the prize behind the mysterious door of Demon’s Souls; just nobody noticed. “I wish you were there!” They said, mentioning several content creators specializing in the Souls series.

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