The MVA also ATEEZ conquers with Real, what is the best of the video?


ATEEZ’s comeback is here, the idols have taken the stage once again and blow us away with the official MV for ‘The Real’, a new version full of the talents of these artists.

Finally! ATINY can fully hear ATEEZ’s new album, ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’ is full of the talent of the members of this boy band who delight their fans with new songs and versions of some that we already know from their performances in Kingdom.

‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’ represents the return of ATEEZ to the stage after 3 since their last release, ‘ZERO: FEVER Part 3’ with which they imminently triumphed in sales and recognition, showing that this idol group has been gaining more and more relevance in K-Pop.

For ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’, ATEEZ had already released the video for ‘Turbulence’ the first song we found on this new album, in addition to showing us the concept behind this album with photographs and other teasers, inviting us not to miss its great premiere that has finally arrived.

The wait is over and we can enjoy the MV of ‘The Real’ that has a lot of surprises for ATINY and all the talents of the ATEEZ idols both for singing and dancing; thus they are conquering us with this song and its spectacular rhythm.


The rhythm of the song of ‘The Real’ is amazing, fast with softer contrasts that allow us to enjoy the best of both worlds, with a striking tone that uses string and wind instruments to further enhance the beat of this composition. .


The ATEEZ The Real MV takes place in different settings, the idols also wear different outfits for each one, we can see them at school, on the streets, a baseball field where they also show us different stories and characters.


The lyrics of ‘The Real’ infect us with great energy and security, ATEEZ has great confidence in his great power, but without losing ground, and this song demonstrates it perfectly; It is a strong and complete track that reaches all our senses with great efficiency.

We live our lives on fire, but we remain more humble and kind than anyone


ATEEZ looks incredibly good with all the outfits they wore for the MV of The Real, the idols not only attracted attention for their singing and dancing in this new music video, but also for their incredible styles that completely conquered their fans .

What did you like the most about this MV? Without a doubt, the ATEEZ idols managed to enchant every fan with this new video and the entire album ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’.