The Musical Composition of The Film “Mean Girls” Includes a Disney Princess and Broadway Talent


The next generation of Mean Girls is here! Almost two decades after Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Lizzie Kaplan starred in the iconic and incredibly quoted Tina Fey comedy, “Plastics” is going to return to the screens with the upcoming film adaptation of the musical “Mean Girls”. According to the latest data, four main roles were chosen by Paramount.

The leader in the role of Lindsay Lohan as Kady Heron is Anguri Rice, who memorably played Betty Brant in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy. The voice of the Disney princess, Moana, Aulia Cravalho, will play Janice, Kady’s colleague in the destruction of Plastic. In addition, Renee Rapp will reprise her role as Regina George after playing the character in the stage musical, and Broadway star of “Strange Loop” Jacquelle Spivey will play Damien, according to THR.

Back in 2020, it was announced that Tina Fey would be joining the Mean Girls remake, although this time the story would be told in song and dance after the story hit Broadway in 2018. The film will be directed by Arturo Perez. junior and Samantha Jane.


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