The Music Venue Trust Has Raised 75% of Its £2.5 Million Target For The #OwnOurVenues Campaign.


The Music Venue Trust has announced another fundraising appeal as its #OwnOurVenues campaign comes to an end.

Currently, the Music Venue Trust has raised more than 75 percent of its target of 2.5 million pounds to become state-owned by nine mass venues, “but there are only five days left before the March 30 deadline to secure the remaining necessary investments,” the statement said. organization.

“#OwnOurVenues is the first step in a long—term campaign aimed at taking control of the ownership of the premises of mass music venues in the UK and putting them under the protected status of charitable property.”

“The initiative is aimed at acquiring nine sites at the first stage. Upon completion of the purchase, the objects will be offered an immediate reduction in rent and assistance in repairing and insuring the building, as well as a guarantee of long-term security and market-resistant rent.”

“Since the launch, hundreds of people, companies and organizations have already declared their support for the project.”

Ed Sheeran has previously spoken out in support of the scheme in which he invested money. “Small independent venues are so important to the music community, and I’ve played some of my favorite concerts in these halls in my entire career. We must do everything possible to protect these beautiful places that we have all come to love for many years to come,” he said.

To donate to the campaign, go here. To participate through direct investment, click here.

Mark David, CEO and founder of the Music Venue Trust, said: “We know that changing the ownership model of mass music venues is the most important change we can make in this sector.”

“The best people to own our venues are the people who love them, need them and use them. We want everyone who is interested in the future of these places to become a direct financial stakeholder in this future; local communities, artists, the public, the music industry. The success of these venues is vital to the future of live music for all of us. Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines hoping that someone else will do it for us, we have to make it happen.”

Massive music venues continued to face numerous challenges after the COVID-19 pandemic, and venue owners told NME that the cost-of-living crisis, Brexit, concert cancellations and last-minute decisions by music fans to perform created a “perfect storm” for the sector.

The Music Venue Trust also warned in its annual report for 2022 that massive concert venues in the UK are “going off a cliff.”


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