The music of Elven Ring Goldskin Apostles, translated into English, is simply terrible


Elden Ring is a large—scale open-world game filled with all kinds of horrors and monsters that torment players. Some of these monsters are particularly grotesque, such as the optional Godskin Apostles bosses that players may encounter in different locations in Lands Between. Like the other Elden Ring bosses, Godskin Apostles has its own theme music, and one of the fans has now translated the Latin text into English with terrifying results.

When Elden Ring players fight Godskin Apostles, they hear a tense song in the background, although all the lyrics are in Latin. Youtuber Daniel Olmos provided a translation of the Godskin Apostles theme, and although Olmos admits that the translation may not be 100% accurate, it should still give fans a good idea of what it’s about. Those interested in the full text are encouraged to watch Olmos’ video, but some of the more bizarre texts include: Give me your skin, The Flame burns the skin of the gods, I will collect the skin of the gods, I hunt them mercilessly, With the sacred skin I will be a god, The Death of the gods exalted me, the skin of the gods exalted me, The sacred skin belongs to me and no one else.

As can be seen from the texts, the name Godskin Apostles is more literal than Elden Ring fans could imagine. This also makes them even more intimidating, as they seem to excel at killing gods and making armor out of their skin, making them strong enemies to say the least.

The apostles of the skin of the gods meet at different points of the Intermediate Lands. Players will find him in the Spirit Summoner’s Cave, Windmill Village, and the Divine Tower of Kalida. The battle with the divine apostle may not be an easy challenge for Elden Ring players, but the most difficult battle with him is when players have to fight both the divine apostle and the divine noble at the same time.

The battle with the Godskin Duo boss in Elden Ring is considered by the community to be one of the most difficult encounters in the game. The fight is no joke, as the Divine Apostle and the Divine Noble have unique attacks that are difficult to dodge, fighting only one at a time, not to mention both. Add to this the fact that the fight takes place in a rather cramped room in the Ruined Farum Azul, and it’s no surprise that many Elden Ring fans consider it one of the most difficult encounters in the game.

Elden Ring has already been released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.