The multiplayer game The Last of Us should tell more about WLF and Seraphites


As many probably know, The Last of Us 2 tells a story about revenge, paying special attention to the lives of Abby and Ellie. Although both characters exist in a world populated by many factions, two of these groups play an important role in the story: the WLF and the Seraphites. However, since the story is about Abby and Ellie, and not about these factions, the war between them takes place in the background. In the upcoming multiplayer spin-off The Last of Us Naughty Dog can and should provide more information about these two groups.

The upcoming multiplayer entry in The Last of Us series originally started as an online mode for the sequel, and it can be assumed that the two groups it would allow players to control are the aforementioned WLF and Seraphites. Although the game has grown significantly since then, becoming an independent project, any faction-like content available in it can still be focused on these two groups. If so, Naughty Dog has a unique opportunity to further flesh out the Seattle version of The Last of Us 2.

Adding Depth to WLF and Seraphite Leaders

Since the two factions were essentially used to build the world, which improved Abby’s story in “One of Us 2”, giving more information about how the groups functioned in the multiplayer game, could retroactively improve their parts of the “One of Us 2” narrative. For example, you can get more information about the leader of each group when players learn how the Prophet inspired the Seraphites and how such an implacable man as Isaac was able to maintain the support of his soldiers.

Obviously, this would mean that a spin-off of the multiplayer game had to happen before The Last of Us 2, which could allow cameos from Abby’s group, as well as Yara and Lev. Despite this, the focus should be on showing the players more of how these leaders have influenced their respective groups. The Arch of Isaac, in particular, is missing, as players see very little of him during The Last of Us 2. Because of this, his death seems unexpected and a little undeserved, so fleshing out his story with a multiplayer spinoff might make him less of an afterthought. . In addition, the Seraphites faded greatly after the death of the Prophet, so it would be interesting to show how she made such a perverted group attractive.

There are rumors that the upcoming multiplayer game The Last of Us will have an approach to the online service, and assuming that this is the case, the developing story can be used to demonstrate the progress of battles between WLF and Seraphites. Players can engage in small skirmishes early on before fighting full-fledged battles, and the Prophet will eventually be captured by the WLF after several seasons of content. In fact, seeing her talking to Isaac can be interesting, as can the moment when he executes her.

Exploring life in the WLF and Seraphite camps

If the multiplayer game The Last of Us expands the clan system so that players can walk through the actual settlements or the main bases of any of the factions, it would be possible to get even more information about the two groups. Players could see what the daily life of an ordinary WLF soldier was like, because although Abby’s story briefly describes something similar, she is a character that Isaac treats with special attention. Patrolling and completing missions can be fun, and both fit the concept of multiplayer matches.


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