The movie “Supergirl” may also have problems after the cancellation of “Batgirl”


Anyone who thinks a tidal wave triggered the corporate merger of Warner Bros. with Warner Bros. Discovery is over, must prepare, because the postponement of “Batgirl” may soon be followed by the cancellation of many other projects in DC development, such as the planned movie “Supergirl”.

Supergirl will already play a special role in next year’s “Flash,” and actor Sasha Kalle will play the character, although development of the film began around the same time, as did efforts for a potential solo film dedicated to Kara Zor-El. Now this project, already in development, may also end up in the trash, as some of the reasoning that led to the cancellation of Batgirl may also apply to Supergirl.

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According to Rolling Stone, industry insiders say “Supergirl” is “unlikely to move forward,” in part because Kalle’s role was conceived as part of the Ezra Miller era after a potential DCEU reboot of The Flash. This decision may soon follow other productions in DC’s previous plans, such as Static Shock, Deadshot, Green Lantern Corps, or even Michael B. Jordan’s Superman project, all of which are under threat from a new management style led by CEO David Zaslav.

Even “Blue Beetle”, which was completed just a few weeks ago and is scheduled to premiere on August 18, 2023, is far from confident after director Angel Manuel Soto liked a tweet promoting the #SaveBlueBeetle campaign on Twitter. In the case of Supergirl, the fact that she is associated with Miller’s film “The Flash” is perhaps the main culprit, given that the studio has not yet announced its plans to solve the actor’s reputational and legal problems.

While the cancellation of “Batgirl” is certainly an oddity, reports of poor screening tests and that the film allegedly does not meet either theatrical or streaming standards are quite disturbing from a creative point of view. At the moment, “Batgirl” directors Adil and Bilal and star Leslie Grace have expressed their disappointment and gratitude to those who worked on the film, the cancellation of which was also due to the astute $90 million corporate tax write-off from Warner Bros. stupid production.

Currently, at the crossroads of most decisions made by company executives, not spending money on potentially unprofitable projects and reorganizing the troubled DCEU seem to be the main priorities. So far, this approach gets rid of lesser-known heroes and properties, while such as Aquaman and Flash remain safe for now, and only Batman and the Joker are completely free from harm.


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