The movie “Best friends reach incredible heights in the fall” [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant is happy to present exclusively a scene from the upcoming thriller “The Fall”, which will be released in theaters only on August 12. The latest Lionsgate thriller was created by director and co-screenwriter Scott Mann (Robbery, 2015), as well as the producers of the film “47 Meters Down”, a pedigree that promises an exciting adventure and high-stakes tension.

Autumn stars Grace Caroline Curry (she plays in the films “Shazam!”) and Virginia Gardner (who won everyone’s heart in Marvel’s “Runaways”) play Becky and Hunter’s best friends. The girls decide to climb the abandoned 2,000-foot-tall B67 TV tower in the California desert to heal from the death of Becky’s husband Dan (Mason Gooding, who recently starred in “Scream”). Although they are experienced climbers themselves, they are trapped on the summit with no way down and no cellular connection.

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Exclusive Screen Rant clip from Autumn takes the audience to the very beginning of this path. Hunter cheerfully motivates Becky to continue climbing, but it is clear that the latter is already struggling. The reason for her panic is not the physical difficulties of the activity, but rather the memory of Dan’s previous climbing accident. While singing “Ring Around the Rosie” can calm nerves for a moment, Hunter soon has to warn her friend that things are going to look a lot worse. Watch the full clip below:

(Click here to watch the full YouTube video.)

Mann co-wrote “The Fall” with Jonathan Frank, who has collaborated with him several times, for example, in the 2009 “Tournament”. Their work has previously been associated with situations that cause fear in both the characters and the audience, and it seems that their new joint efforts will develop in the same spirit. Fall also features Jeffrey Dean Morgan from “The Walking Dead” (who also joined forces with Mann in “The Heist”) as Becky’s father. It’s unclear whether he’ll spend the entire movie worrying about her safety or be a crucial factor in their rescue, but he’ll definitely bring pathos to what’s happening.

Other recent Lionsgate releases include Roland Emmerich’s apocalyptic drama “Sunset of the Moon”, which they distributed, as well as Nicolas Cage’s adventure comedy “The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent”, which they produced together. Lionsgate is also behind Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, which comes out on September 13. The duration of Fall is 107 minutes, and the PG rating is 13.


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