The movie available on the platform Pieces of a Woman!


The movie Pieces of a Woman is finally available on the Netflix streaming platform! We give you more details.

The movie Pieces of a Woman is available on the Netflix platform!

Pieces of a Woman is finally available on the streaming platform starting today, Thursday January 7th! Netflix subscribers will indeed be able to discover this highly anticipated poignant drama.

Casting stars Shia LaBoeuf and Vanessa Kirby star in this new film. Viewers discovered the latter in the series The Crown.

She played the character of Margaret Windsor in the hit Netflix series. She then starred in two big blockbusters! Namely: Mission Impossible 7 and 8 where she played White Widow.

Vanessa Kirby has not finished dazzling us. The British actress returns this time around to play Martha, in Pieces of a Woman.


In this new film, available on Netflix, Vanessa Kirby stars as a mother bereaved by the sudden death of her daughter at birth. The young actress gives us here a moving and very touching performance!

The film thus immerses us in the universe of the couple she shares with Shia LaBoeuf. The two characters in the film try as best they can to put the pieces back together.

Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo offers us here a powerful drama. The opening scene alone says a lot about the rest of the movie!

It is indeed a multi-minute sequence shot that takes us through Martha’s nightmarish childbirth. The viewers therefore find themselves immersed in the chaotic life of the characters in the film!

The film was co-produced by Martin Scorcese and written by Kata Weber. Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBoeuf offer us an unparalleled service!

The film is already available on the Netflix platform today! A must see.


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