The Most Viewed Twitch Streamers in 2022: xQc, Hasan, Bey, etc.


Many familiar faces occupy the first places among the most viewed streamers on Twitch in 2022, when major releases, major events and public dramas attracted millions of viewers to the platform every day.

While there won’t be any prizes for guessing first place (he’s done it three years in a row), there are also a few new contenders who may seek to take him away from xQc in 2023.

This year, the top 10 most viewed streamers were equally divided between English-speaking and non-English-speaking streamers, five people each.

And although xQc remained number one, the next three channels were Spanish-language.

The most popular streamers on Twitch (2022)

In tenth place remains the veteran of Twitch Summit1g, as staunch a follower of Twitch streaming as anyone on this list, and an outstanding achievement that still attracts such a large audience so deep into his career.

However, it’s worth noting that Summit also broadcast over 4,000 hours this year, which is more than anyone else on the list besides Gaules.

Here are the 10 best streamers of 2022 by the number of viewing hours on December 30:

  1. xQc: 227.23m
  2. Gaules: 161.75m
  3. Ibai: 112.03m
  4. Auronplay: 101.46m
  5. Hasan: 82.48m
  6. fps_shaka: 81.13m
  7. Asmongold: 80.32m
  8. Trainwreckstv: 76.91m
  9. tarik: 72.67m
  10. summit1g: 69.20m

Data via StreamsCharts and SullyGnome.

most watched streamers

Ranked second in popularity, Gauls broadcast an outrageous 8000 hours, although most of them were actually replays of matches, not his live broadcasts.

Asmongold ranks 7th with just under 80 million viewing hours, however, if its viewing hours are on its second channel, zackrawr, where added, it will be right behind Auronplay with 99 million hours.

fps_shaka is the only streamer from the top 10 who speaks neither English nor Spanish. A Japanese streamer, he is best known for both Apex Legends and Valorant, and has achieved great success in co-broadcasting Valorant tournaments.

This year, Kai Senat did not get into the top 10, which scored 67 million viewing hours (slightly less than 69 million at Summit1g. We still think Kai Senat had the best year on Twitch in 2022).

However, he was also right behind another streamer. German streamer Eliasn97 took 11th place with 67.7 million. Brand accounts were also excluded from the list, but if they had been included, ESL_CSGO would have ranked 5th with 87 million hours.

It is noteworthy that there are no women in the top ten, but we know that Amouranth was the most viewed female streamer this year with 33 million hours of viewing, and the usual best streamer Pokimane broadcast fewer hours than in previous years.

VTubers have also made a lot of noise this year and may get into some of these top lists in the future. You can check out the best Dexerto VTubers here.


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