The most shocking theories about the ending of the series


The writers are sure to have a lot to wrap up when it comes to wrapping up the series, but these Grey’s Anatomy theories suggest what might be in store for the show’s finale.

Richard’s retirement brings everyone back

Richard Webber has been a staple of Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning, but his retirement is looming, which means his journey at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital must soon come to an end.

A serious accident

Grey’s Anatomy has had its fair share of wild accidents on the show, and some users think the writers could squeeze at least one more to finish. Meredith could die depending on how tragic you want her to be.

Meredith will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

The theory that Meredith will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s has been around for a while, as Meredith’s mother was diagnosed in season 3 and Meredith herself tested positive for several of the markers on Grey’s Anatomy.

“I still stick with the theory that Meredith has Alzheimer’s and the show has been intern Zola reading her mother’s diaries,” commented a Grey’s Anatomy fan.

Another similarly suggested that it ends with Meredith’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, and we see an adult version of Zola or one of the other children finding her diaries, which are her voice-overs that she does in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

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