The most shocking accident scenes in drama


Korean dramas are full of action and there are some accident scenes that have become a classic in these series.

If you are a fan of dramas, you will already know that there are scenes that will make you smile, others that have you dreaming and others that will simply bring out more than one tear, but without a doubt chapter by chapter the characters have you live great moments.

Enjoying a Korean series is quite an experience, you fall in love with some incredible characters and start to hate others, it is a mixture of emotions every new episode begins.

No matter what genre of Korean drama you are watching, there are always moments that will remain in your memory and one of them is accidents involving one of the protagonists. OMG!

This time we bring you the best accidents in Korean dramas, from altercations on the road to mistakes that have been made through recklessness, which of all these accidents is your favorite?

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What would K-dramas be without a guardian angel? In ‘Encounter’ Cha Soo Hyun suffers a road mishap and the person who received the hit gets in a somewhat heavy attitude, incredibly Kim Jin Hyeok appears to help to his coworker, showing that problems can be solved by talking and reaching a good agreement. Owww.

Two Weeks

How to forget when Jang Tae San was trapped in a mound of earth and is saved only because he is breathing through a straw? After going through a police checkpoint, Jang Tae San manages to get out of all that earth that covers his body.

Boys Over Flowers

‘Boys Over Flowers’ is one of the most iconic dramas of all time and it had to be on this list. Gu Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo are love rivals, but they are also best friends, so when Jun Pyo sees that his soul brother is about to be hit by a car, he saves him and as a result the heir of the Shinwa group loses. the memory. : C

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

In episode 13 of the Korean drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ Soon she lost the ancient power that the women in her family had and as if this were not enough, the brave protagonist was caught by Kim Jang Hyun.

Another Oh Hae Young

An impactful accident was that of Park Do Kyung, the special effects professional is hit by a car, the scene is sad and romantic, as Park Do Kyung remembers all the moments with Oh Hae Young.

Love in sadness

Kang In Wook’s obsession with Yoon Ma Ri goes a long way, so much so that she wants to change her image to drive her husband away, so she seeks out surgeon Seo Jung Won to undergo various surgeries. Kang In Wook finds the whereabouts of Yoon Ma Ri, she meets Seo Jung Won and Wook taking revenge for the disappearance of his wife will make a terrible mistake.

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