The most scandalous death of the Avengers has finally been avenged


Warning: Contains spoilers for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #1!

A key Avenger has finally avenged his worst death in one of the most sinister stories in the history of the Ultimate Marvel universe. The fan—favorite character is a Marvel prop who appeared in the 60s and still saves others as a superhero from the list of the best. But the Wasp was also the victim of one of the most horrific and senselessly bloody deaths imaginable—and in Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #1, Marvel finally admitted one of its worst mistakes.

As the Ant-Man’s partner, the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne and then Hope Van Dyne) has the same reduction technology and is arguably more mobile than her male counterpart. Armed with wings, it can be used as an Avengers spy, aerial reconnaissance, or just another aircraft (although capable of shrinking and dodging danger). But even her many abilities could not hold back death for long; in the mini-series Ultimatum, she was memorably eaten alive by a Drop during the event, in an episode that still disgusts fans of the character.

In Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #1, written by Christos Gage with illustrations by Paco Diaz, four villains — Doctor Doom, Green Goblin, Venom and Loki — are armed with a new dangerous powerful technology that turns them into monstrous new forms. To counter the threat, Iron Man brings back his old massive mechanical suits for the entire team, including a new one for Wasp, which was not present during the original Avengers: Mech Strike event. The subsequent battle goes well until the Goblin grabs the shrunken Wasp and tries to eat it whole. “Even for a madman like you, Osborn,” the Wasp says, freeing himself by shooting directly into the goblins’ mouths, “eating enemies is pretty abnormal.”

This was the main complaint of fans about the death of the Wasp in the Ultimatum. While the Ultimate Marvel universe was significantly more violent than its 616 counterpart, the long-time X-Men villain Blob actually eating his opponent was perhaps a step too far. To add insult to injury, death was just one of many during the event, most of which were meaningless and added nothing to the actual narrative of the story other than the number of bodies and simple shock value. Perhaps the author of this 2022 series knows about the reputation of the Ultimatum and has made every effort to avoid such a moment.

Comics still kill superheroes and villains to surprise the reader (for example, even the District of Columbia destroyed its entire Justice League this year), but this practice is old and well-known among many Marvel fans. Killing a Wasp at the beginning of the series would be an interesting answer, but it’s better to completely destroy the Ultimatum. Since the Wasp herself chastised the Green Goblin for his attempt to eat her, it can be assumed that the Avenger finally avenged his death in another universe.