The most popular TV shows of a lifetime according to IMDb


The Lifetime Movie Network has become something of a meme over the years with its wildly comedic crime films, but they are also a channel that offers various TV shows. With viral shows like oh-so-dramatic Dancing Moms and the weird and fascinating Married at First Sight, it’s likely that the network is gaining a decent amount of viewers every day.

From the original Lifetime shows to the series that were eventually sold to other platforms and channels, Lifetime has been producing quite successful shows since the early 2000s. Despite the fact that the network has slightly changed the brand by posting a healthy mix of serious and funny content, some shows remain the most successful over the years.

Generation of Cheerleaders (2019) – 7.2

This documentary-style TV show tells about the Dunbar High School cheerleaders from Lexington, Kentucky, who go to national competitions. Although the format of the show is similar to other well-known support shows, it is highly rated on IMDb because of its ability to cover the multifaceted layers of an athlete’s and coach’s life.

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Cheerleaders study only in high school, which means that they have to combine their personal life and sports heritage. At the same time, the show delves into the coach’s life and her struggles as she forms relationships with the girls and remains both a role model and a coach.

Army Wives (2007) — 7.3

The premise is simple and self-explanatory, but the stories were important to tell. The show took care to highlight the consequences of the war for the family, as well as the bonds that unite the wives of soldiers.

The drama series had everything: romance, scattered humor and an occasional parody. In general, it was a show for life that united fans, showing how difficult it is to keep a family while the fate of the country is in the hands of the army.

Fallen Dead Diva (2009) – 7.4

The story of Drop Dead Diva offers a unique plot in which a gorgeous model dies in a car accident and mysteriously returns to life as a major lawyer. While the premise is interesting to pass by, the show had a decent number of fans at one time.

The Lifetime show taught how important it is never to judge a book by its cover and to determine what true beauty means. Although it is quite possible and common to be beautiful and smart, the show explains well that beauty comes from confidence inside.

The Podium Project (2004) – 7.4

The reality show involves aspiring fashion designers who assemble ready-made models for the catwalk to compete for victory. Viewers love the long-running show for its ability to offer the perfect balance of humor, drama and fashion challenges.

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Although the show airs on Bravo, it is considered a Lifetime show that is still available for streaming. If one of the Lifetime fans is interested in fashion and everything related to the industry, this show is an ideal choice, since there are 19 seasons that you can catch up on.

Survivor R. Kelly (2019) – 7.5

The six-part documentary series tells about the numerous crimes committed by R&B singer R. Kelly. Between the child pornography allegations and several allegations of violence and hostage-taking, the documentary series brought Kelly’s dark lifestyle to life.

The episodes detail his sketchy past and feature interviews with various victims and witnesses throughout his life. The survivor R. Kelly is a frightening example of what can happen in the shadows, even when the court initially does not find him guilty.

Anatomy of Passion (2005) — 7,6

The medical show “Anatomy of Passion” is perhaps one of the most popular TV shows of all time. From touching performances to heartbreaking storylines, the drama series remains close to the hearts of fans to this day.

The long-running series is now labeled as an ABC network show, although the show was first shown on the Lifetime network. Fans can still watch the show broadcast on LMN, as well as stream the show on the Lifetime website.

You (2018) – 7.7

Although the chilling crime show is now coming to Netflix, many fans don’t know that it was originally a Lifetime show. The show quickly gained popularity as it sparked a conversation about virtual dating and how much personal information should be shared online.

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Given that the show has been going on for many seasons, its success remains unspoken as new storylines are constantly emerging. While it would have been a big win if Lifetime had kept the series to itself, streaming the show on Netflix was ultimately a smarter move, given that most people are currently streaming the show rather than tuning into cable TV every week.

My Murderous Body with K. Michelle (2022) – 7.7

As one of the first celebrities to talk about her negative stories about plastic surgery, K. Michelle used this approach to give people a platform to speak out against the dangers.

go under the knife or needle. From bleeding to arsenic poisoning, Michelle faces it all in her mission to spread awareness on behalf of herself and other men and women.

Throughout the series, viewers can expect more details of Michelle’s personal history, as well as many new victims in each episode. The series teaches a good lesson on how not to trust everything you see on social networks, especially when everything seems sunny and rosy, because there is always a dark side that is not shown.

Janet Jackson. (2022) – 7,7

Any fan of the Jackson star family knows that their upbringing was far from easy, and Janet is here to tell her story. This documentary series, consisting of two parts, covers more than three years and includes even previously unseen home footage and interviews with celebrities, including Janet herself.

Promising nothing but the unfiltered truth, Jackson uses this time to tell her side of the story of her life and how she became the person she is today. The singer will forever go down in history thanks to her heritage and the legacy of her family, and her personal stories may even shock viewers.

Love from the first flight (2018) — 7.9

People always say that you learn everything you need to know about a person by going on vacation with them, and this show confirms this theory. In this Lifetime reality show, new couples are invited to travel around the country together with the opportunity to get married at the airport immediately after the trip.

Although it might seem like a dream in any scenario, the fate of these couples is not always positive. However, being the Lifetime series with the highest rating on IMDb, viewers may be surprised at how interesting this experience can be.