The most popular electric toothbrushes on the market


Super recommended by experts, the electric toothbrush has become a popular tool for those who are demanding in their hygiene, since the adaptive technologies and functions found in various models can easily adapt to both brushing and dental arch, excluding the need to test several common brushes to find the perfect one for your teeth.

Thinking about precision, effectiveness and cost-benefit, we have selected some models of electric brushes that will certainly make a difference in your health and routine, giving enough reasons that smiling will never be a problem.

Multilaser Ultracare Premium Toothbrush

With excellent cost-benefit, Multilaser Ultracare Premium provides a thorough cleaning of all teeth, with more comfort and precision than conventional brushes. Ultracare has an autonomous system of 40 thousand vibrations per minute, which turns off after two minutes of use, generating greater durability.

In addition, the brush comes with the base and three refills, each lasting about three months of use. Its battery also leaves nothing to be desired, and can reach 21 days of use considering three daily brushings.

Oral-B Pro-Saúde Power electric toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro-Saúde Power electric toothbrush removes twice as many plaques as hand brushes, ensuring a significant improvement in gum health. Super light and ergonomic, its soft rubber and the swivel and oscillating action give much more comfort and a feeling of freshness during brushing.

Oral-B relinquishes bivolt chargers to operate on two AA batteries, resulting in durability without energy costs.

Xiaomi EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

With a high cleaning frequency and three modes of vibration (31 thousand times per minute, 27 thousand times per minute and varied every minute), Xiaomi’s electric toothbrush is a smart model that helps maintain a good brushing habit. at the right time, as it has a 2 minute timer.

The electric brush is made to avoid injuries and wear, deeply cleaning even the hard to reach areas and has a durability of up to 25 days of daily use.

Sonicare EasyClean electric toothbrush

Focused on improving gum health, Sonicare EasyClean produces sonic movements responsible for ensuring thorough cleaning, reducing up to seven times more plaques than competitors and offering much more brushing quality in two minutes.

With a single battery charge the electric brush lasts up to 10 days of uninterrupted use and brings maximum efficiency in all its uses, with more than 31 thousand movements per minute.


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