The most obvious Pikachu clone of every Pokemon generation


Almost every generation of Pokemon games has a pseudo-cult of the famous Pikachu mascot, most of which are quite obvious in their imitation. Pikachu himself and his pre-evolutionary Pichu fulfill this role in generations 1 and 2, but subsequently, in each region, various small electric-type rodents were commonplace in players’ travels to become Pokemon masters. Although they are not an exact copy of Pikachu, they are all part of the same family.

Almost all the time of the existence of Pikachu was the face of the series Pokemon. Whether it’s games or anime, Pikachu occupies a prominent place in almost all Pokemon media. In one of the first games, Pokémon Yellow, Pikachu, who hates pokeballs like Ash Ketchum, is a starter, and he was a member of the pokedex of every region except one, black and white, although players can pass it. compared to Gen 4 games. Although another beloved Pokemon, Evie, has been playing a similar role in recent years, Pikachu is still practically synonymous with the Pokemon franchise, which may never change no matter how many of its clones are introduced.

All Pikachu clones meet several criteria: they are mostly of the electric type, have the same small size, are modeled after different rodents or similar small mammals, and have round spots on their cheeks where they produce electricity or manipulate it. There are other Rodent Pokemon, in particular the Normal Rodent monster archetype, which appears quite early in the respective games, as well as electric types similar in size, but usually there is only one obvious fake Pikachu in each Pokemon region. As members of his evolutionary lineage, Pichu and Raichu are not considered clones; none of the unrelated Pokemon are called variations of “mouse Pokemon” such as Merill or Sandshrew.

Plusl and Minun from Pokémon Gen 3 share the title of Pikachu Hoenn Clones

The Hoenn region of generation 3 can be considered the first with real Pikachu clones. Plusl and Minun, called “Jubilant Pokemon”, are two different but incredibly similar rabbit—like electric types that collect electricity in the form of pom-poms to cheer other Pokemon in battle. Although rabbits are not really rodents, Plusle and Minun together still play the role of Pikachu doubles in their home region.

Hoenn has few other Pokemon that could be part of the Pikachu family. Zigzagoon and Linoone are common rodent Pokemon for Hoenn, despite being based on raccoons and ferrets, which are also non-rodents and not electric types. Electrics and Mannequins are electric—type Pokemon of the same size, but based on dogs. The Hoenn region is one of the best regions of the Pokemon world, where many popular mechanics and types of Pokemon are represented, and although Plusl and Minun are not the strongest and most famous among them, they still helped lay the foundation for future members of the Pikachu family.

Pachirisu is a Pokemon clone of Shinno Pikachu of the 4th generation.

Pachirisu is a Pikachu clone from the 4th generation of Pokemon from the Shinno region. It is based on a squirrel, as evidenced by its long bushy tail, and although it is more different from Pikachu than from the Metatarsus and Minutus, it still belongs to the electric type and has round cheeks of the archetype. Pachirisu, like Pikachu, is one of the Pokemon that players can walk with in the original Diamond and Pearl Friendship Square, which also appears in the remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. He is known as “Pokemon EleSquirrel”, and it is explicitly stated that he is related to Pikachu in his Pokédex entry in the latest Pokémon Legends: Arceus game. Unfortunately, Pachirisu is one of the most underrated monsters in Pokémon BDSM, and he is often overlooked in favor of monsters like Garchomp and Luxrey.

Like Hoenn, Sinno doesn’t have many other candidates besides Pachirisu for the role of Pikachu clones. It boasts beaver rodents Biduf and Bibarel, a common rodent for the Sinno region and Buniri and Lopunni rabbit, but all four do not have electrical abilities that could be talked about. Rotom — Pokemon Electric/Ghost type, somewhat similar in size to Pachyris and the Pikachu family, but he is not even a mammal, but is based on plasma and various electronic devices.

Emolga from Unova is a Pokemon clone of Pikachu of the 5th generation

Based on the flying squirrel, Emolga is a clone of Pikachu from the Unova Gen 5 region. It looks more like a Pachyris than a Pikachu — which is understandable, given that their inspirers are related species — but it is undoubtedly the archetypal electric rodent of its region. He is known as the “Pokemon-Sky Squirrel” and is a dual electric/flying type, a nearly unused combination of Pokemon types and the first for the Pikachu clone family.

There are not so many Pokemon in Unova that are similar to Emolga and the rest of the Pikachu family.