The most lucrative horror movie of all time


Horror movies are among the genres that many people prefer to watch in the cinema. Although horror movies do not make as much profit as popular action or superhero movies, with some of them treating them as clichés, there is still a production that is the most profitable horror movie in its history.

World’s most lucrative horror movie

Popular horror movies may be coming to mind. These include, no doubt, productions such as The Exorcist, Jaws, Halloween (Halloween), Alien, and The Silence of the Lambs. It is possible to say that these films have attracted attention in the category of horror movies both in the period they were released and afterwards.

O (IT), which was adapted from the work of the same name by Stephen King, who turned the box office upside down in 2017, made a very good profit for these productions, whose scores were higher than the horror movies. Although the movie looks like the most profitable horror movie with over $ 700 million in revenue, the truth is not exactly. Because the box office revenue is not the only criterion when determining the most profitable horror movie. At the same time, cost calculations are made. As such, the O (IT) movie is eliminated.

When the criteria we just mentioned are evaluated, the Blair Witch Project (Blair Witch Project), which grossed 248.6 million dollars worldwide despite its low budget (60 thousand dollars), is the most profitable horror movie in the world, Paranormal Activity. This series of films, which gave a different perspective, dethroned Blair Witch in 2009 and is still the record for this film.

Paranormal Activity was released in 2007 with the signature of Oren Peli. The movie was shot for $ 15,000 and grossed a total of $ 193.4 million worldwide. When all productions of the film series are included, we see a profit of 900 million dollars.


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