The most interesting character creations in Golden Ring


When games have a character creation tool, it’s inevitable that players will try to push it to the limit to see what strange and wonderful faces they can create. Over and over again in games like Cyberpunk 2077, Sims 4, and even in previous FromSoftware games, gamers explore how grotesque or torturous they can make their protagonist. Elden Ring is no exception: players of the popular fantasy role-playing game 2022 check how far the creator of the character can go, and get quite interesting and strange results.

Players have also used this feature for more specific purposes, aiming to emulate their favorite pop culture figures or video game characters in the world of Elden Ring. The Internet is full of such creations, where real people turn into tarnished versions of themselves, and characters from other recognizable objects and franchises also end up in the Elden Ring. Some players even went their own way and created original characters who themselves became pop culture figures.

When the Real World Meets the Elden Ring

The Elden Ring community has really been enjoying the game’s character creator since its release in February this year. Over the past months, many inventive and slightly bizarre creations have appeared from the characters of films, television and games. One of the most interesting trends is the transformation of real figures into Elden Ring characters, which is not only a test of the creativity of players and attention to detail, but also testifies to the graphics and freedom of the game.

Beloved rapper Snoop Dogg is among the celebrities who have been tarnished, along with character actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson, best known for his role as the chaotic and accident-prone Mr. Bean. Actors seem to be a rich source of inspiration for Elden Ring players, and other figures such as Sir Patrick Stewart and Willem Dafoe become products of the game’s character creator. They may not seem like the most obvious choice for tarnished warriors going in search of an Old Ring, but they definitely demonstrate the creativity of the player.

Fictional figures

In addition to real figures like Defoe, Elden Ring players turned to fiction to inspire their creations. The creator of the game is impressively complex, with the ability to use presets or tinker with the smallest details using the Elden Ring slider system. Many role-playing games use character creation mode to help players create their own unique protagonist, and Elden Ring really made the best use of its mode and gave gamers almost absolute freedom.

Recreating popular characters from other games and franchises has become a well-known activity in the Elden Ring, where characters such as Geralt are reproduced in the game. However, one player went further and not only created a tarnished version of the Witcher, but also used Ashes of War from Elden Ring and other abilities and skills to emulate Geralt’s fighting style. Many players have used the character creator to create their own versions of famous fictional faces, but not many actually try to reproduce the characters as accurately as this portrayal of Geralt.

In a satisfying crossover between previous FromSoftware games, one player recreated the tragic father Gascoigne from Bloodborne in Elden Ring. The developer usually connects his Soulsborne games in some way, whether it’s similar weapons, symbols or plot elements. It’s nice to see that players are also linking these games by transferring famous characters from one game to another. A lot of fictional characters have appeared in Elden Ring, from Kratos from God of War to Sonic the nightmarish hedgehog, and this can make PvP encounters even more fun if players recognize a character from another game or property.

Contrasting characters with each other

Sometimes creating figures from the real world or fictional characters in games like Elden Ring can also be a fun way to see how certain people fight in an unlicensed game. PvP is usually a popular feature in FromSoftware games, which have their own special forms of etiquette and unspoken rules for meetings with players. PvP also helps games live longer, even if it usually takes players a long time to get through the main storyline. Recently, some players have used this feature, playing for quite interesting characters who usually do not face each other.

Redditor u/Dramatic_Ad_7938 created his own version of everyone’s beloved Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and ran into another player who also treated Marvel’s Supreme Wizard Stephen Strange tarnished.