The most inspiring RM quotes you need in your life


Celebrate BTS’s Namjoon birthday with the best inspirational quotes and messages. Bighit’s group has been characterized by the message of self-love that they have given to their fans, in addition to their inspiring and emotional lyrics that portray various scenarios of youth, suffering, fears and overcoming.


RM, who is known for his great IQ and his passion for books, has gifted the ARMY with various motivational phrases and words that help them get ahead, because there is no one better than a person who has suffered to be able to talk about happiness , loneliness, self-love and knowing how some bad things feel, but also how beautiful youth and happiness are.

Despite being a very popular boy, RM has had a great connection on an emotional level with ARMY, but also with himself, he even admits that times alone are often needed, you should not always be accompanied, also that youth is full of risks, but it is normal to doubt some things at your age. We leave you a list with the most inspiring phrases of BTS’s Namjoon.

You’re not alone.

“There are people who hate me, but there are many more people who love me”

Even though there are people who treat you badly or talk behind your back, your friends and loved ones are the best for you, their love will make you move forward and will make you stronger.


“When you eat ramen after starving, that’s happiness.”

Being happy is difficult to explain, there are small things that can make you smile, you don’t need something big, luxurious or someone to be happy. Enjoy the little things that make you happy, like your pet, your favorite food, etc.

Accept the good and bad

“A person can shed tears, they can also harbor hatred”

Loving someone does not mean perfection, people have a good and bad side that we must know and accept, love people with all their facets, only then will you accept someone honestly, with all the pain and virtues that it can provide.


“Thank you for staying by our side despite the language barrier and distance.”

RM knows that his fans gave him the wings to achieve his dreams, he knows that somewhere in the world there is someone who loves him, who supports him and knows him, with whom he can be himself without fear of criticism and who only gives him love.


“Life is more beautiful knowing that we have taken a loan from death”

It is a bit realistic, but if we live worried about things that are superficial or that we can solve, life will be a bummer, after all no one leaves it safe, enjoy, be happy and look for your dreams. If a crush breaks your heart, nothing is lost.

Fear not life

“You should be more challenging, because you only live once”

Losing without trying something is the worst of defeats, if you want to do something, be afraid, experiment, live, make mistakes, but never be left with the doubt of what would have happened … maybe one of those times is your blow of luck.


“I have faith, but I also believe in my destiny”

Our life may be agreed before we arrive in the world, but you should not settle for the things that you had to live, you can move forward and achieve your dreams, change what you are supposed to be for what you want to be.

Love yourself

“You must love yourself first”

It is one of the most important slogans and messages of BTS, Namjoon confessed that he had a process where he discovered how to love himself and accept himself as he is.

Young forever

The BTS rapper has also gifted us lyrics where he is proud of who he is and thanks people who allow him to make them happy.

“I’m happy with the person I’ve become. To be able to make someone scream with joy …”


“I don’t want to want success doing things I don’t want to do …”

BTS’s formula is to be themselves and make music that makes them happy, so they can connect with their fans and have great popularity. Look for what makes you happy and it will never be a job for you.

Mental health

Why isn’t there an opposite word for loneliness?

The idol has given importance to the thoughts of reflection with ourselves, sometimes we need to take a break and be alone, think, know each other more thoroughly.


“Even if you are not perfect, you are limited edition”

You must love your virtues, but even more your imperfections, because they make you different and unique, growing and learning from our mistakes make us the people we are in the future.

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