The most imposing look of Midoriya from My Hero Academia came out of the manga with this cosplay


Thanks to Rage Gear Props we saw our hero in his most fearsome and dark form
In the final arc of My Hero Academia, we see the darker side of our hero Izuku Midoriya in his vigilante outfit. In this one, we see how he grows as a character and has to face the consequences of the peace that All Might had brought. Thanks to Rage Gear Props, we have an epic cosplay of this moment.

On his Instagram account, Rage Gear Props shared an Izuku Midoriya cosplay that conveys all the power and fear that this hero feels at this time in his life, as he fights against the League of Villains and the All For One on his own account.

Along with this cosplay, he gave the following message: ‘Don’t bother looking, there’s no one here. Just go ahead and take care of yourself. I know your own answer. ‘ Recommending the work of @rebirth_photography, who took this epic photograph of Izuku Midoriya’s cosplay from My Hero Academia in his vigilante outfit.

What is the sixth season of My Hero Academia about?

After the announcement of the sixth season of My Hero Academia, we now know that the so-called Paranormal Liberation War Arc will begin to animate, which is the eighteenth of the entire franchise and marks the end of the saga of ascent of the League of Villains

After the strategic alliances that Tomura Shigaraki – leader of the League of Villains and holder of All For One, has made to strengthen his organization, the group of heroes has decided to meet to strategically attack this new common front. After the great surprises in My Hero Academia of the interrogation of Kurogiri, the heroes know that there is no going back.

The first act will tell about the Hawks infiltration of the League of Villains, where he will find Twice, his new friend. There he discovers that the organization plans different attacks on the largest cities, while Re-Destro will take their resources and call for “their liberation.” This My Hero Academia arc will show the different sides of this long-awaited war.