The most grossing game was not surprised!


During the quarantine process, there were significant increases in the use of mobile applications. Many people have taken care of almost every task from the applications available on smartphones. In addition to mobile applications that have become a habit, the way to have a pleasant time is mobile games. The most grossing mobile game was also determined in this context. Actually, the result was not surprising, but leadership has been refreshed anyway, here are the numbers:

PUBG Mobile became the highest grossing mobile game

SensorTower publishes data for mobile games in certain numbers every month. According to the new report released, PUBG Mobile became the highest-grossing mobile game, surpassing Honor of Kings, which has been the highest grossing game for a while. PUBG Mobile, which has declared its leadership in other categories a long time ago, has now gained a new leadership.

The game was also the highest revenue-generating game in the quarter of 2020, according to another report. In the report published for the month of July, PUBG Mobile again defeats Honor of Kings, one of the most popular games in the mobile world. The game has increased by 10.8 percent compared to July last year.

PUBG Mobile’s total revenue in July reached 208.8 million dollars. This income also includes the Chinese version of the game called Game For Peace. The total revenue of this game is recorded as 56.6 percent. 43.4 percent of the revenue was generated by gamers around the world.

Except for China, the highest demand worldwide is the USA with 10% and Saudi Arabia with 5.6%.

Honor of Kings is still the second highest grossing mobile game in the world, even if it lost its first place on the list. The game has managed to generate 192 million dollars in revenue only in July. 94 percent of the income generated by the game comes from China. The 6 percent slice is provided by the rest of the world.

Pokemon GO dropped Roblox to fifth and climbed to fourth place, while Monster Strike took third place. Other mobile games on the list and their proceedsEn cok hasilat yapan mobil oyun-01



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