The most famous Call of Duty Metadata


When it comes to single-player games, players are much more likely to experiment with all the weapons available to them. While players may end up choosing a favorite, they probably won’t think too much about how well it works. On the other hand, multiplayer games make this an important part of the experience. When players unlock new weapons in Call of Duty, everything from their reload speed to accuracy is scrutinized, and the viability of each weapon soon becomes common knowledge in the community. Ultimately, this leads to what is called “meta”, when players find the optimal equipment to use, and it quickly becomes the most common class on the network.

Call of Duty has been around for quite some time, and over the last two decades or so, a lot of meth has come and gone in the series. While some of these meth lasted only a few weeks before they were fixed by the developers to maintain the balance of the game, some lasted much longer, and some are even talked about today, living in shame.

The most famous Call of Duty Metadata

Although the online multiplayer game has been part of the Call of Duty franchise since its debut in 2003, it only really caught everyone’s attention with the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007. For a long time, fans could not find and use the first infamous meta-weapon of the series, the M16.

A three-shot medium-range rifle, the M16 was one of the staples of the Call of Duty franchise, but it was never as powerful as it was in its debut appearance. With the “Killing Power” perk, players could kill an opponent in just one turn, and with the M16, which has the highest accuracy among all types of weapons, players rarely missed. The M16 quickly became Call of Duty 4’s most famous weapon, and soon the lobbies were filled with the service rifle.

As for World War II, there were a lot of toxic meta-weapons in Call of Duty: World At War, but the most infamous was the MP40. Another weapon that has been present throughout the history of Call of Duty, the MP40 has always been one of the strongest submachine guns, but in World At War it was the most powerful without exception. Although its rate of fire was lower and the recoil was high, the damage inflicted by the MP40 was simply unsurpassed by any other World At War weapon, and with attachments it only became more deadly.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2009, there were not one, not two, but three infamous meta. The first of them was the UMP45 submachine gun. While the rest of the SMG category has a base damage of 20, the UMP45 has an output damage of 35, which surpasses even most assault rifles in the game. Add a silencer and stopping power to it, and the UMP45 will become the best weapon in Modern Warfare 2. However, this is not the most infamous meta of MW2.

Akimbo Model 1887 is still mentioned in conversations about the state of the multiplayer game Call of Duty. When Modern Warfare 2 came out, players could unlock the Model 1887 shotgun and attach the Akimbo perk, which allowed the player to use the weapon at the same time. In this form, the two 1887 models had absurd damage and, surprisingly, quite a long range. The first time this really happened in Call of Duty, the 1887 akimbo model was eventually weakened. The latest meta of Modern Warfare 2, which has stuck in subsequent games, is the notorious grenade launcher for assault rifles. Many Modern Warfare 2 matches started with the sound of 12 grenade launchers firing.


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