The most effective vaccine against COVID-19 has been revealed!


According to the current COVID-19 research by scientists in the USA, the most effective vaccine has been determined. Here are the findings.


The results of the new vaccine study conducted by America’s national health agency, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have been announced. After the research, the protection rates of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and J&J and Janssen vaccines were announced. Accordingly, the gap between Moderna and BioNTech, which has been close to each other in COVID-19 protection for a long time, has started to widen.

According to the figures announced, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine provides more effective protection than BioNTech developed by Pfizer. Two doses of vaccine were administered to all patients within the framework of the study. Pfizer-BioNTech reduces the risk of disease by 88 percent, while Moderna delivers results by 93 percent. In addition, the protection rate of the vaccine, developed in partnership with the US-based J&J company and Janssen, remained at 71 percent.

The most effective vaccine was Moderna

The research was based on 21 hospitals from 18 different states across the USA. Tests on approximately 1300 volunteers were created by comparing them to 2300 people who had never been vaccinated. The CDC’s official report shows that BioNTech has not been able to produce an effective solution in the long run until Moderna.

In line with the latest figures, it is known that Alpha, Beta and Delta variants of COVID-19 have also started to be quite effective in the United States. In this sense, it is possible that among these vaccines, Moderna may be more effective in protecting against mutated virus strains.

In addition, the CDC published another report last April stating that Moderna has more side effects than other vaccines. In patients with Pfizer-Biontech’s 65.4 percent of side effects, this rate was 74 percent in Moderna’s vaccine. In this sense, it is noteworthy that different data are obtained in each new study.

So, which of these vaccines do you find more reliable? Do not forget to share your ideas in the comments.


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