The most dramatic stories of the groom’s weight loss in 90 days after the birth of a child


Some stars of “90 Day Fiancé” stunned fans by losing weight quickly after giving birth. However, some of them shocked fans by posting an interesting make-up for weight loss that didn’t seem authentic. One of these stars is “The 90-day groom: Happily ever after?” The cast of season 7 is Big Ed Brown. He started doing fitness after he broke up with Rose Vega, and since then claims to have lost 18 pounds. But most fans don’t believe Ed, just like they don’t believe Yulia Trubkina.

As viewers may know, the native of Russia has always looked healthy and fit. That’s why when she posted her slimming makeup promoting tea for a flat stomach, fans accused her of false advertising. Darcy Silva is another star whose fitness transformation has not impressed the 90—day groom community. In 2021, she promoted a questionable weight loss supplement, but fans criticized her in the comments for posting deceptive before and after photos to sell the product.

By topic: How Fiancé Stars’ 90-Day Weight Loss Stories Inspire Fans

In addition, the star of Darcey & Stacey has done a lot of plastic surgery, so fans do not find her transformation to lose weight inspiring. Fans were also shocked by the transformation of Danielle Mullins and Nicole Nafziger for weight loss, as they showed no visible changes and still brazenly promoted weight loss products. Not every cast member has misled fans about their fitness journey. Over the past few years, some actors have lost a lot of weight after the birth of adorable children.

Ariela Weinberg

One of these stories about losing weight after the birth of a child is the story of Ariela Weinberg. The young mom looked very different when she first debuted in the franchise, and the main reason for this was her pregnancy. Ariela gave birth to her baby boy Aviel Shibre as a result of an emergency Caesarean section and has since completely changed her appearance. According to the star of the 9th season of “The 90-day groom”, her secret to losing weight was breastfeeding. However, she also spends a lot of time in the gym with her mixed martial arts boyfriend Biniyam Shibre.

Yara Zaya

Yara Zaya, a native of Ukraine, is another member of the cast who completely changed her appearance after the birth of her precious daughter. She openly told fans about her weight loss journey and proudly shared her secrets. Will it be happily ever after in 2021? The star of the seventh season, Yara, shared her diet advice and said that she drinks one glass of warm water with lemon 20 minutes before breakfast. In another post, Yara proudly shared that she weighs 58 kg and exercises three times a week. The young mother also shared that she was extremely active during pregnancy and stated that the best way to lose weight is “gym, healthy eating. That’s it.”

Lauren Brovarnik

The former star of the TV series “90 days of the groom” Lauren Brovarnik gave birth to two children with her husband Alexey Brovarnik. After the birth of her son, she demonstrated incredible weight loss. In the past, the star of the series “90-day groom” Lauren proudly stated that she “sincerely hates training.” However, despite her lack of love for physical exercise, the former star “trained at 6 in the morning.” casual. In one of her Instagram stories, Lauren inspired other mothers and shared, “For all of you moms who are going through this, you have to get up and do it.” In early 2022, a former cast member shared a photo of herself showing off her toned physique. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé congratulated Mom and were glad that her hard work paid off.


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