The most difficult trophies in the remake of Demon’s Souls


Getting all the achievements and trophies in FromSoftware Soulsborne is a greater feat than completing them all in any other game. This is because they are inextricably linked to the difficult bosses of each game, and it looks like a badge of pride. This applies to all games under the FromSoftware Souls brand, including the original Demon’s Souls.

For those who have tried Elden Ring, but not other games under this umbrella, Demon’s Souls Remake is a great title to continue. This is especially true for all PS Plus Extra subscribers, since it is available in the service. Its level design is much more complex than in Elden Ring, but the burst of difficulty is arguably more manageable than in Dark Souls. However, it is quite difficult to get all the trophies.

The list of Demon’s Souls Remake Trophies is the most difficult

Many trophies are tied to bosses, which means that players will beat them to unlock the game. There are some time-consuming trophies, such as collecting all the rings in the Demon’s Souls Remake, and players will need to spend their Demon’s Souls wisely. In general, there are two trophies that are more difficult than the others, each for a different reason: The Trophy of the Sage and May you be unharmed.

The Sage Trophy is not difficult in terms of a single collision, but because one small miss can lead to a player going through the game twice and then going through part of it again. As a result, it takes much more time than others. In short, Sage’s Trophy requires players to collect all the Sage Freke and Yuria spells, which is not so bad if players remember which souls they spend. The problem, however, is that Yuri has one spell that opens only when a certain ending is selected.

In Demon’s Souls Remake, there is a trophy for the “bad” ending of the game, which means that players are more likely to agree with it. If they don’t understand this, they can choose a bad ending on the first playthrough — this means that to unlock the Sage trophy, players will need to pass it again in a good ending to unlock the Soulsucker spell. Then they will need to go through Yuri’s rescue again in the third playthrough to collect this spell. This is a difficulty related to understanding the game — if the players first choose a good ending, giving up the trophy at the moment, then they will need to go through it only twice.

May You Be Armed is an instance of a difficult single encounter trophy, as it is more severe depending on the player’s build. Some bosses in Demon’s Souls have the achievements necessary to defeat them in a certain way, such as using God’s Hands on the Dragon God. For the Astrea Maiden, they must kill her without killing her guardian, Garl Vinland. Vinland is incredibly strong, and if he is not killed, it will be harder to fight the boss. Astraea can heal quickly, and Vinland can do damage quickly. The best strategy is to hit her from afar with a bow, but if someone does not know this and does not have a good bow/a good Demon’s Souls build, it becomes a real fatigue.

However, with sufficient dedication and patience, these two trophies serve only as more difficult tests on the player’s path to Platinum.

A remake of Demon’s Souls is already available on PS5.