The most difficult trophies in Bloodborne


Bloodborne is arguably the most popular game from FromSoftware’s Soulsborne compilation, and for those who haven’t played any of them before Elden Ring, it’s a great choice to follow the latter. Bloodborne plays more aggressively, but no less difficult than other FromSoftware games.”

This makes getting the Platinum Trophy in Bloodborne really exciting. There are several trophies that are incredibly difficult, but require time and patience from players, for example, most boss trophies or collecting all weapons. However, some of the Bloodborne trophies stand out as more challenging than the rest.

List of Bloodborne trophies — the most difficult trophies

Namely, the following Bloodborne trophies are the hardest to unlock:

Yarnam, Queen of the Ptumerians, a bloodthirsty orphan beast from Kos Lawrence, the first vicar

Unsurprisingly, all four trophies are linked to the key bosses of Bloodborne. Unlike the Demon’s Souls Remake trophies, they are more focused on specific cases of difficulty rather than more general challenges. At least, this is true for all of the above trophies, except for the first one. It’s not necessarily difficult because of how hard it is to defeat Yarnam, but because of how difficult it is to unlock her. Players will need to go through several dungeons of the Bowl, all more complex than the previous one, to get to it.

Players can speed this up by using a dungeon with a false depth, but even then getting to it can be a real challenge. Meanwhile, Blood-starved Beast is a relatively early boss in Bloodborne, but he appears at an important moment. Players really need to master various Bloodborne tactics, and this Beast serves as a stop for players until they can do it. Many will say that the Bloodthirsty Beast is the most difficult boss in the whole game, but this is not quite true — it’s just complicated because of how much it requires knowledge and tactics from the player.

It’s also worth noting that the last two trophies are taken from the Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne, which is much more difficult than the main game. Orphan Scythe is the latest DLC boss, and many don’t mind when many claim that this is the most difficult boss in the game. It’s aggressive, dangerous and requires a certain level of skill, dexterity and luck to win. Lawrence is next to the Orphan from Kos — although certain weapons will make Lawrence change, anyone who comes expecting an easy fight will fight one of the most difficult in the game.

It is clear, no matter what, Bloodborne intends to challenge its players. Anyone who has a platinum trophy should be proud of it, and those who do not have it should properly prepare for these challenges.

Bloodborne is already available for PS4.