The most daring Winter of the Chantelle family looks after a sharp weight loss


Popular star of The Family Chantel Winter Everett has lost a lot of weight over the past year, and now she proudly flaunts her candid image on the Internet. Most viewers know the popular cast member as the younger sister of the main star of the spin-off, Chantelle Everett. Winter has been appearing alongside her sister since season 4 of The 90-day Groom. However, the Atlanta beauty has changed her personality a lot since her debut in the popular reality TV franchise.

Almost two years ago, Winter decided to change her appearance and focus on her physical form. Together with her mother and sister, she traveled to Tijuana, Mexico, to have bariatric surgery. The 4th season of “Family Chantelle” shows Winter’s fateful journey and how she really transformed her body. Her mother Karen Everett shared that her youngest daughter was always interested in the procedure.

However, her longtime and controlling friend Ja was always against it. Fortunately, Winter has broken out of her terrible relationship and now leads a happy and healthy life. The 27-year-old reality TV star is no longer shy about showing off her boldest images on Instagram.

One-piece swimsuit with floral print

The participant of the series “The Chantelle Family” Winter has flaunted her impressive transformation several times over the past few months. One of her most daring images was revealed in mid-2021, when she posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit. “I like to compare my life with the life of a butterfly,” Winter, the star of the TV series “Family Chantelle,” wrote, sharing that she has experienced many ups and downs. Winter wore a colorful swimsuit with a tropical pattern and looked stunning. Fans liked her post in a bikini, and they noted that in the new photo she looks much slimmer.

Winter Wows in a Midi Dress

In May 2022, Winter shared a photo with Karen on Mother’s Day. In the photo, the popular reality TV star was wearing a short blue dress, exposing her long legs. She wrote, “Moms forever,” wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day. Winter looked thin and joyful in the photo as she posed next to her mom. Fans admired the incredible transformation of the beauty from Atlanta and said that she looks amazing. Some viewers of The Family Chantel also applauded Winter for proudly showing off her smooth legs.

Two-piece bathing suit

Recently, Chantelle’s sister Jimeno Winter posted a photo of her in a pink swimsuit. She captioned the post with hashtags such as “#workout,” “#weeghtlossjourney” and “#healthylifestyle,” posing as a mermaid. The picture shows that the Family Chantel star has come a long way in her fitness journey. An Instagram user wrote: “I’m so proud of you.” Another user chimed in: “Super cute!! You look really peaceful.” As Winter is still working hard to achieve her fitness goals, Family Chantel viewers are eagerly awaiting her final weight loss results.


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