The most complete case to take your mobile underwater


The more adventurous know that they can trust sports cameras to get good shots of what they do. The good thing about them is that they are small, they offer great quality and some even have great resistance to water. But some want more things, more information and more quality, like taking their mobile. This can be done, yes, but with a case you will have more protection for your terminal like that offered by HotDive.

This is the case that supports your smartphone while diving

A smartphone alone does not last long in the water. It is true that many manufacturers provide their high-end products with an extra resistance up to IP68, but for some this is very little for what they are looking for. And it is that to put a phone in the water you need more than a waterproof bag if you take it to dive. His thing is to use a case like HotDive.

This coverage helps divers to have their smartphone available while practicing their favorite sport. Once the mobile reads the QR code of the device it will switch to diving mode where you will get new tools. The user has some buttons on the back right where he can activate them. Among them are a stopwatch, compass, flashlight activation, depth sensor and camera.


Each and every one of them has great value for the user, but more than one will take advantage of the camera. And it is that in the back it has a window through which any terminal has access to external vision, while on the back the glass is transparent to see the screen and take selfies. Of course, the app will record all the data from each dive, as if it were a wellness tracking app.

No fog and lots of battery

Another of the benefits that HotDive has is its vacuum function. This not only allows you to insert the mobile without suffering any damage, it also prevents the interior from filling with mist and damaging the interior of the crystals, so the photos would not come out well, in addition to the terminal. It has an extra 3,500 mAh battery for its operation, which is independent of the phone. If you are one of the users interested in getting this device, you will have to go to their Kickstarter page and support the creators with about 180 euros to change.


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