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Monster Hunter Rise, the new installment of the saga, comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch to continue the legacy of the Capcom saga and bring news.

The soul of the Monster Hunter that we like the most is back. After testing the demo of the game available on Nintendo Switch, it has become clear to us that the Capcom team in charge of the saga intends to maintain the classic spirit of the franchise, starting from elements that worked very well in the last great installment, Monster Hunter World , remember those keys that fit into those of the portable series and add a pinch of novelties to obtain a satisfactory formula for all. Next, we break down everything we know about Monster Hunter Rise and leave some of our personal wishes expressed in order to make the wait until next March 26 as pleasant as possible.

The keys to the history of Monster Hunter Rise

The catastrophic event known as the Frenzy caused hordes of monsters to begin attacking the village and their ancestors were barely able to cope. Learning their lesson, they armed themselves and prepared for the arrival of a new wave of enemies, which did not occur until later. This phenomenon continued to repeat itself in a random way and particularly the Frenzy that occurred fifty years ago was about to devastate the village. Will this generation be the ones to discover the mystery behind this event and manage to stop it once and for all?

A new day dawns in Kamura Village. The sun barely rises, but the hunters who live in the place are almost ready to go on an expedition. The felyne gather in the great kitchen of Yomogi, the chef, to prepare breakfast feasts and the blacksmith Hamon heats up his forge to welcome the steel of each one who passes by before venturing beyond the safety of the village walls. Once well equipped and after drawing up a strategic and effective plan with Master Utsushi, each of the hunters and hunters went to a section of the territory to try to finish off the dangerous beasts that nest there.

Some are truly beautiful, and some are fury at each scale, but they all have one thing in common: they are our goal and we must end their lives to ensure the safety of Kamura Village and its inhabitants. Nothing is wasted or in vain, since the skins, fangs, claws, scales and other elements that these monsters drop will serve to create new armor and improve existing ones. With all this, we hunters make sure to keep intact an endless circle, which defines their daily lives and marks our game sessions through the screen.

We belong to a guild of hunters, whose leader is called Hojo. As for the method to enroll in each of the adventures that await us, he stops by talking to Hinoa, the manager of the missions. In fact, it is she who rests on the demo menu and welcomes us to this little fragment of a great story … or maybe it is her twin sister Minoto, who can we meet at the reception? We can distinguish them thanks to their ornamental headdresses and her opposite character, since one of them will maintain her serene expression while her sister is in charge of illuminating the village with her bright and perpetual smile.

We can count on the help of other fellow hunters to give us a hand in the hunts and the whole process is much more enjoyable and dynamic, but if we want to embark on each mission alone we will always have the presence of a couple of faithful comrades . On the one hand we have a felyne armed with various weapons and protection tools that will help us if we need healing and will accompany us in each battle to weaken the enemy little by little. The young Iori, grandson of Hamon the blacksmith, is in charge of managing the companions, whom we can also send as part of the Myucenaries to carry out independent missions. Kogarashi is the comrade leader, who is in command of these particular mercenaries.


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