The Moon Knight Series Ends Its Filming: Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight Arrives In 2022


Moon Knight: One of the Marvel Studios series scheduled for next year enters the post-production phase ahead of its premiere on Disney +. Moon Knight, one of the next series that Marvel Studios is preparing for Disney + as part of the UCM and starring actor Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron in Star Wars) as Marc Spector / Moon Knight, has finished its filming after several months of production in different countries. This is collected by The Direct media after several publications by the technical team celebrating the end of filming, a series that will now enter the post-production phase with a view to its premiere sometime in 2022 along with other Marvel projects for the streaming platform of Disney as Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk.

Moon Knight arrives at Disney + in 2022

Thus, the first news of the end of the filming of Moon Knight has emerged from the makeup artist Donald Mowat through his Instagram account, thanking both the work of the different production units and that of the actors Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy, all this via a short video clip from the Jordanian film set. Recall that filming started last May in Budapest after some delays due to the global COVID-19 crisis.

Moon Knight or Luna Caballero will have about 6 episodes lasting between 40 and 50 minutes each and a cast led by Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector / Luna Caballero along with Ethan Hawke as the main villain. Moon Knight, also known as Moon Knight, is the alter ego of Marc Spector, the wayward son of a rabbi with Israeli origins. Marc ends up becoming a born boxer and an expert in combat, thanks to a strong military training ”.

“One of his combat missions takes him to Egypt, where he finds an ancient temple built for Khonshu, an ancient moon deity. The protagonist dies and has an apparition of Khonshu, ending the meeting with the delivery of Spector’s body to the deity and being able to return to life as an incarnation of Khonshu, endowing him with powers. Because Marc Spector is still considered dead, now the reincarnation of the deity has two identities: the millionaire Steven Grant, and the taxi driver Jake Lockley, who allows him to continue fighting crime ”, we can read in the official synopsis of him.


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