The month of release of EA sports kits for playing college football: fan reaction


On Friday morning, the sports world learned that a football game that EA Sports is working on is coming soon.

Extra Points and Matt Brown have submitted an open record request regarding EA Sports’ proposal to create a new video game about college football. According to the records request, the game will appear here a little more than a year.

“EA’s goal is to release a standalone college football game in July 2023, providing the two—year game development window needed to gather game resources and develop gameplay to meet the current market needs for a unique college football game while simultaneously following the NCAA Recommendation,” the proposal says via Extra Points with Matt Brown.

Of course, football fans were delighted with this news. Most fans just hope that the game will meet their expectations.

“Please don’t suck,” one fan said.

Some fans are already planning their vacation around the release date. “In related news, I have allocated July 2023 for a three—month vacation from work and parental responsibilities,” one fan said.

“Guys, it’s been sooooo long 10 years. If we can get through this, we can get through anything. I’m proud of each of us,” said another fan.