The Monkees’ songwriter was “crushed” by fans after the band performed one of their No. 1 songs


There were a couple of songwriters behind many of The Monkees’ songs. One of the songwriters went to see a live performance of Prefab Four. He later said that he witnessed hysteria from the teenage fans of the band.

The songwriter spoke about the overwhelming experience of watching the Prefab Four perform their songs.

Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart worked on many of The Monkees’ songs. In his 2015 book¬†Psychedelic Chewing Gum: Boyce and Hart, Monkeys and Turning Chaos into Miracles Hart recalled watching the Prefab Four play in front of a live audience and telling Boyce about this experience. “I tried to describe how the heat of the light hit me right in the face when I heard the intro: “Here they are, straight out of Hollywood, The Monkees!”

“And then, like a huge asteroid rushing from the sky, a wave of light, sound and energy exploded around them when they played the first notes of our song “Last Train to Clarksville”, and I explained that it was like this. the last part of their music, which was heard through the screams of these restless teenagers.” Hart continued.