The money Cillian Murphy earned from the series


The popular Peaky Blinders series is preparing details for its season 6 production, but how much does popular lead actor Cillian Murphy make?

Popular lead actor Cillian Murphy has played the character of Tommy since he started the series in 2013, making the show hugely popular worldwide.

Since her inception of the show and its rise in popularity, many have wondered how much money Murphy makes. Although it has not been disclosed he has made an estimate.

Despite not knowing the actor’s salary, there is information about his net worth, according to the films he has previously starred in. According to Men’s Health, Murphy has an estimated net worth of £ 15 million.

His first major movie was in 28 days after Danny Boyle, which grossed more than $ 82 million worldwide. Besides that the actor has also worked as a producer.

The reality is that it is estimated that Cillian Murphy, manages to earn from $ 400 to 500 thousand dollars for each episode of the Peaky Blinders series.


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