The mobile battery that should not be charged


Bigger screens, more effective materials and more and more things inside a mobile. But the problem is always the same: autonomy. What good is having the entire NASA in a smartphone if the battery is going to last a breath, at most a day or a day and a half? What would we not give to have a mobile that lasts a week, a month, a year without having to charge it? Well beware, it is possible with a new energy technology.

NDB, Nanodiamond Batteries

There is a growing demand for efficient and cost-effective batteries from manufacturers, which means a constant need to improve the current state of affairs. The problem is that conventional batteries have been the subject of numerous concerns, and in the age of growing awareness of global warming and accumulation of waste, production must be in line with the principles of sustainable development and the process of qualitative change. .

Created by the NDB company, based in the North American state of California, the NDB or Nanodiamond Battery is a high power voltaic battery made from recycled nuclear waste, based on alpha, beta and neutron diamonds that can “provide green energy and long-lasting for numerous applications ”and overcome the limitations of existing power creation / distribution solutions. And its potential use makes it suitable for use in fields such as:

– Automotive

– Consumer electronics

– The sensors

– The space machinery

– Electronic devices powered by a chemical battery


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