The MLB game was suspended last night for an interesting reason


Minnesota Twins Manager Rocco Baldelli suspended yesterday’s game against the Cleveland Guardians to ask to check the presence of foreign substances in the opponent’s pitcher James Karinchak.

Baldelli requested the check after noticing that Karinczak was running his hands through his hair before each serve.

The home court referee did not find any foreign substances in Karinchak’s hair.

Baldelli was clearly very excited about what he thought was a scam from the right-handed Twins. He said he felt a responsibility to announce it.

“I think I have an obligation to our players and our team to do what I think is right,” Baldelli said after the game, according to John Shipley of Pioneer Press. “And I think it would be difficult for me and the band as a whole to watch their pitcher do what he does on the mound, very openly and straightforwardly, trying to apparently change some things. ”

Karinchak didn’t seem confused by the pause.

“I knew people obviously thought I was cheating, but I wasn’t worried because it was just sweat and rosin,” he said. — So let’s check it out.

The Guardians won yesterday’s competition with a score of 7-6. Karinczak gave up three hits and two earned runs during his one inning.


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