The mistake that scares Apple Watch Series 3 owners!


WatchOS 7 was liked by many users with its innovative features. Some Apple Watch Series 3 users who have updated have faced the WatchOS 7 crash issue.

Apple Watch Series 3 crashes with WatchOS 7

It is normal for users to encounter errors when a new operating system is released. For this reason, many companies recommend installing the operating system from scratch rather than updating.

Apple Watch Series 3 WatchOS 7 çökme sorunu

Unfortunately, the problem experienced by Apple Watch Series 3 owners has not been solved with the establishment from scratch. Some users have also stated on the support forums that the battery is draining quickly and the device has a self-rebooting issue.

A Watch Series 3 user ”I had the problem of turning off by itself at least 3 times after the update. In addition, it got locked on my wrist 4 times and my phone was disconnected 2 times. The battery dropped 50 percent within 8 hours. “He used expressions.

After the WatchOS 7.01 update released on September 24, users stated that the errors were not resolved, and they complained about this issue. Also, the bugs seem to only apply to Watch Series 3 users.

This issue is expected to be fixed by the next update.


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