The Million Masks March takes over the streets of London


This November 5, the “Million Mask” march is held in London, bringing together protesters to denounce government corruption in England.

The Million Mask March takes place in London on November 5, when protesters gather to denounce global corporations, government corruption, police brutality and systematic racism. The event takes place on the same day that a nationwide lockdown is put into effect in an attempt to curb Covid-19.

From this day until 2 December, people across the UK are only allowed to leave home for essential reasons such as work, education and essential shopping. People from different households also cannot meet inside or outside, with few exceptions.

Somagnews recalls that the “Million Masks March”, called by Anonymus, is famous for presenting protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks, adopted by the collective of the graphic novel “V for Vendetta.” Anti-closure protesters by Covid-19 have said they will join this year’s march.

Million Masks March protest in London

It highlights that this event seeks to be a collective voice of support for refugees, those affected by the cuts and the black community. Furthermore, it is a condemnation of war and environmental damage. Earlier, London Mayor Sadiq Khan made it a “priority” to establish a short and severe quarantine on the “short circuit” across the whole of England.

According to first reports, the British capital will be subject to level two – high – of the new system of social restrictions from the early morning of October 17, Health Minister Matt Hancock announced in the Westminster Parliament.

“We must act now … to suppress the virus,” said the conservative politician, after confirming that the number of COVID-19 positives “is doubling every 10 days” in the metropolitan area.

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The measure, which was adopted in discussions with the London mayor’s office and other municipal authorities, prohibits meetings in internal spaces with residents of other homes, among other measures. Mayor Sadiq Kahn accepted with resignation the escalation in the system of three alerts between the coronavirus, whose incidence in the city is greater than 100 per 100,000 inhabitants.


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