The Members of “The Future of BTS” Share Their Thoughts About the Future of the Group


Ever since BTS announced their “hiatus” last June so that each of the participants could focus on their individual careers, the future of the septet has regularly become a hot topic.

The Kpop group performed this Saturday in Busan to support the port city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.

An exceptional concert lasting more than two hours turned the whole week into a real celebration for the fans of the band who were lucky enough to attend it. Millions of other ARMY were able to follow the latest live on several platforms, including the Weverse app, which thus counted almost 49 million views.

When BTS took to the stage to say goodbye, J-Hope shared his thoughts: “First of all, I missed this moment so much. At first I tried [to go on stage] solo, and I felt the absence of the other 6 participants. I was full of energy when the other six participants were next to me. ”

He added: “I’ve missed you so much. How much have you missed me? I feel much better now that I was able to perform here. It was a concert for which we prepared a lot and planned a lot to please everyone.”

He also talked about the future of BTS, which makes many curious. J-Hope said: “I think it’s time to believe. I think it’s time for us to shape the future with our united faith [all together]. »

Jimin admitted, “I don’t like getting old lately. I’ve been wanting to perform like this for a long time. I am interested in the next 10 years. I’m looking forward to it and I think I’d rather be happy than scared. I think we can create even more wonderful memories with you. »

“It seems that the memories we made with you are endless. “He stated

The singer added: “What we’ve been through together is just taste. We’ll live another 30, 40 years. We feel the most when we are with you.”

RM said, “Even if we don’t talk much, you will know. No matter what happens in front of us, 7 BTS members have one heart. If you all trust us, we will continue to be strong. We will be happy to make music, so please believe.”

V said: “The song “Spring Day” that we just sang is our favorite song, but more importantly, it’s special because we can sing it together during the concert.”

Suga added, “I was excited when I sang ‘Spring Day’ earlier. If there are people who are going through difficult times, I hope that our songs will give you strength, just as we needed your support and encouragement.”

After the end of the concert, the participants posted several messages. Jin said, “I had so much fun today. I’m really happy to spend my life with you. I was nervous, smiling and crying… the concert is a real happiness. It’s been over for a long time, but I miss you all already. I have a lot of things to tell you. I will come to you on Weverse live on the day of the release of my album. Everyone go home. »

Suga shared photos with a winking smiley face on Instagram.

“ L’avenir de BTS ”, les membres partagent leurs réflexions sur le futur du groupe 

Jungkook wrote: “Hello, Busan Sea”, then “Wow, it was exhausting”, “I was so happy today”.

In one of the photos, he held a banner with the inscription: “A lot has changed, but we haven’t changed. The best time is yet to come. »

“I’ve been preparing hard for this concert. There will be interesting performances, as well as songs that I haven’t sung for a long time. I hope you will have fun singing with us. – RM

“This is a concert that we are giving after a long break, so my heart is burning. I have prepared a song that everyone knows, I hope you like it. I’ll do my best. – Jin

“I am very happy to hold a concert in Korea where people can shout. I look forward to hearing from you. Since this is a concert in the form of a festival, I hope that the audience will be able to put their soul into it and have fun. – Suga

“This is a concert for which we have been carefully preparing. There is pressure to succeed, but we plan to show all our energy with a thought: “Let’s have fun with everyone!”, so I hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to it. – J-Hope

“I’m excited and nervous, but I want to show you the performances quickly, as I’ve been working hard. I hope the public will enjoy it with us. – Jimin

“We will do our best to provide a wonderful concert for audiences around the world. – V

“I’m nervous and excited, since it’s been a long time. I want to give a concert without regrets and for everyone watching, I hope you get this good energy. There will be new performances, so wait for them. —Jungkook

“The rehearsal has just ended. Tomorrow is the long-awaited concert in Busan. Less than 24 hours left… In Korea, for the first time in almost 3 years, we perform with a full audience and enthusiastic cheers. Of course, it’s not really our own concert, but I’m happy to be able to run and jump in Busan, another hometown of my heart.”

“Since this concert lasts only one day, I think we will do it with all our might. For the first time in 10 years we had a performance of this scale. From the very beginning we planned to make it look like a festival or a party (although there were many twists) because of the location and the situation. This includes old songs that we haven’t sung for a long time… Maybe even for the last time live. »

“This is our first personal concert in a long time, and I would be deeply touched if you would raise your hands and sing like at a rock festival or DJ festival, from beginning to end and have fun like at a festival. I think this feeling is best suited to our intentions. »

By the way! I’m sure there’s definitely something missing, but it’s still a BTS concert, and we’ll do our best and show you everything we can. So please have fun, jump in and let us hear your screams! ”

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